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Ian Mortimer

Vice President, Enrollment Management and Marketing, Nazareth College

“In higher education there is a difficult balance between being market-relevant and true to mission.  Unlike many industries, there is not the ability to change strategic directions based on product, or for that matter, significantly change identity, to become more attractive to the marketplace.  Thus, one of the key marketing processes needs to take the historical, experiential and product-oriented attributes and make them as appealing and emotional as possible.

I have been in higher education for more than 20 years, and I have yet to see anyone as talented as Danny Schuman in creating new marketing life when it seems all avenues have been explored.  His skill is to identify the most important parts of an institution’s existence and turn them into impactful ideas and words so that people naturally gravitate towards them.  If you are seeking a new, and better, way of positioning your college or university, hire Danny.”

Wayne Carpenter

Managing Director, Lake Pacific Partners

“Danny was instrumental in helping us build a new brand from initial concept through to in store and online execution. He was absolutely integral in helping us understanding the category, competition and target consumers and then formulating all aspects of the brand from the name, positioning, packaging and retail execution strategy.  We couldn’t have done it without him.”

Bradd O’Brien

President, Howl at the Moon

“As the owner of a business that has to move fast and hasn’t really worked with marketing consultants, I wasn’t sure what to expect and was even a little skeptical about spending the time and money. But the work Danny did helped us crystallize the thinking we’d been doing for years; he didn’t create anything brand new, he just synthesized what was in our heads and came up with something that nailed the essence of our brand. It provided the strategic foundation to help us communicate to our people how to talk about and live the Howl at the Moon brand, and gave us the language and tools we needed to start creating materials with a consistent look and feel. When Danny presented the essence video to the managers at our annual meeting, there was a standing ovation, which told us the work was spot on.”

Kelly Gagan

Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Nazareth College

Executing a finely honed strategy plan, Danny Schuman has a unique ability to take nebulous but deeply felt thoughts and feelings about an institution or a product and make them crystal clear and compelling. Listening carefully to many constituents, his final product was delivered and all recipients breathed deeply and said “Yes, that is absolutely who we are”.